Remember This Day Little Brother - A little poem featuring Boromir and Faramir.

Author's note ; Hi folks ! Okay this one is for all the Boromir & Faramir fans and I

really do hope you like it and I would love to know what you think -shameless plea !
The first three verses are by Boromir and the last three are by Faramir.
The title of the poem was taken from a line in the TT EE by Boromir.

Remember This Day Little Brother

Remember this day little brother
We are victorious, today we are free
My pride for you swells little brother
Your strength, I wish father could see.

Banners fly in the sky little brother
We drink ale and remember the dead
I rush to embrace you little brother
And utter words that he should have said.

But now I must leave little brother
Duty points to a land far away
Remember I love you little brother
I shall return, turn to hope not dismay.

I remember that day my own brother
And would gladly have gone in your stead
Your horn lies cloven in trembling hands
In my heart now I know you are dead.

I remember that day my own brother
For now it is all I have left
The White City mourns and father is lost
While my own wounded heart lies bereft.

I remember that day my own brother
As I ride out and face the unknown
Evil awaits while death lurks ahead
Come this night you shall not be alone.

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