Reading a Book

I thought I saw an elf today
Standing in between the trees
I thought he turned to look at me
And my mind was ill at ease

I would have doubted what I saw
As I sat beneath the trees
It could just be the glistening sun
Or the softness of the breeze

But something made me turn my head
And opened up my heart
To know that somewhere out there
Was Gandalf and his cart

And Frodo's on his journey home
With him, Sam the Brave
Merry, Pippin, Bilbo too
Their Shire they did save

And Aragorn now King
With all his fears aside
Takes the throne of Gondor
And Arwen as his bride

And Legolas and Gimli
Have become the best of friends
And Eowyn weds Faramir
Though her courage never ends

Yes I saw an elf today
In my heart there is no doubt
And it was he who taught me
What believing is about

Believing is not seeing
But sensing what is near
And being able to accept it
Without a doubt or fear

I saw an elf today.
All I did was turn the page
And get swept away
To a different Age.

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