Ranger of the North

Strider, he was called in the town of Bree
Estel, he is to me
Aragorn, he was to the Fellowship
Elessar, he was to the Queen born away on a mighty ship
Elfstone, he is to his people
Dunadan, he was called by Bilbo
King of Gondor
Heir to Isildur
He is all of these things
Not to speak of other tidings

My love for him has grown
And it has made my father's face forlorn
I have not seen him for some time
My heart goes to him in this rhyme
Where ever he may be
I know that he loves me
None other shall steal him from my grasp
Many, though, may curse him with their last gasp
For Middle Earth he will save
And evil shall he slay

Ranger of the North
King of the South
Friend of the West
And of the East

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