Pure Of Heart - A poem about the outer and inner beauty of Prince Legolas Greenleaf.

He desires to help those
Less fortunate than he.
He loves animals, flowers,
The forests, and every tree.

He is tall, beautiful,
Pure-hearted, and fair.
He fights only for justice,
But most people say to me, "He's not there."

But deep down in my heart,
I know there's a place
Where Legolas does dwell
And it is there that I see his face.

His elven eyes staring back at me,
His smile placing me under a spell,
His golden hair shining under the sunlight,
His tales no one else can tell.

As I continue to stare at him,
I begin to lose my breath,
My knees become so weak,
And my heart pounds rapidly against my chest.

Is this but a dream?
It all seems so real.
It's like he is right here with me,
For his touch I can feel.

His life is shrouded in mystery,
But I knew one thing from the start.
Not only is he beautiful,
But indeed so pure of heart.

You have showed me so much.
Explain this, I cannot,
But one thing is for sure.
Forget you, Legolas, I shall not.

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