Prophecy of the Nine

<br /><strong>Attributed to the seer Dardarian -<strong> <br /> <br /> &#8216;One Lord, with one ring <br /> And nine more he will attain, <br /> With fire and war and a banner of doom, (1) <br /> Within the house of the Mirdain. (2) <br /> Nine rings for nine kings, <br /> Mightier than the seas, <br /> But flawed they are - for might comes with power <br /> And only with more power would they appease. <br /> One to the Archer, one to the Tainted, <br /> One to the preserver of life, <br /> One to the Once Vain, one to the Outcast, <br /> And one to the bringer of strife. <br /> The third will be granted to the lord <br /> Whose vengeance will misguide him, <br /> The second of the nine for the Shadow of the East, <br /> The fallen, the violent, the most grim. <br /> From the sons of the great in Westernesse, <br /> A black flower will spring, <br /> The Prince, the captain, the sorcerer of old, <br /> Lord of the Nine, a black Witch-King.&#8217; <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /><em>(1) - 'Banner of doom' refers to how Sauron, during the destruction of Eregion, ran through Celebrimbor's body with a pike and held it aloft in the likeness of a banner.</em> <br /> <br /><em>(2) - 'House of the Mirdain' - a place in Ost-in-Edhil, capital of Eregion, where the greatest treasures of that land could be found, including the rings of power forged by Celebrimbor. It was defended by Celebrimbor, but Sauron defeated him, taking the Nine and the Seven from it.</em> <br /></strong></strong>
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