Places on Arda - 20 rows describing Arda


I love the beauty of the stars
Which shine here, in Eldamar
I like the warmth of fires
Which burn all over Shire
I fear the sea and twisting storms
Which move all `round Nùmenor
I admire the halls in continuum
Which lie in depths of Khazad-Dùm
I dream of deep, refreshing well
Which stands in yard of Rivendell
I miss the tower, high and hard
Which crowns the valley Isengard
I enjoy the shade and forged steel
Which hide in hidden Gondolin
I can't believe the treasure hordes
Which sleep in halls of Erebor
I disgust the covered, clouded moon
Which overlooks the Mount of Doom
I hate the wastelands, foul and grim
Which lay around Thangorodrim

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