Pellenor Field - Another Christie .E. Glazier Poem

Here I am standing,
When the battle's done.
I look up and remember,
We have won.
Pellenor Field is strewn with bodies,
An awful price to pay.
They are born inside,
and I here the Captian say,
"We may have won the battle,
but we have not won the war.
People here gave their lives,
for others to be free.
Let us hope death is no more."
He turned around and headed inside,
Followed by loyal soldiers crying inside.
I put my head to my knees,
And I had a quiet sob.
I hate what I'm doing,
It's a nightmare of a job!
And when this war is over,
I'll go back home with family and friends.
I'll leave Pellenor Field,
Where I hope happiness never ends.

~Christie .E. Glazier '01 revised edition '03
All rights reserved

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