Pelennor Victory - A poem of rhyming couplets.

The battle was long, the battle was tough:
Things were looking mighty rough.
When suddenly horns were sounded
And Mordor's army was astounded:
The Horse-men had arrived, and none too late
To help save Gondor from her fate.
Mordor was even more amazed when the black ships,
Sailing up the River at a mighty clip,
Revealed a bejeweled black-and-silver banner,
Not at all in pirate-manner!
For 'twas Aragorn, Rangers, Elf and Dwarf
Arriving [fashionably] late at Gondor's warf!
Mordor's armies quailed in fright
But some stood their ground for the fight
Until all were dead or gone.
The West, for now, had won!
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