Passing Beauty - A poem about Galadriel

In fair, undying Valinor,
An Elf there was who is now no more.
She was an Elf-lady clad in white,
But more regal and fair than a queen.
In her hair shone Laurelin's light
More golden than ever before seen.

She left Valinor as an exile
And dwelt in Doriath quite a while.
There she met the Dark Elf Celeborn
Who called her fair Galadriel.
Together many deaths they did mourn:
Of those who in the great battles fell.

Laurelindórenan they founded after the passage of years of dread.
Nenya was forged by Celebrimbor
In Eregion near Moria;
It was the ring Galadriel wore.
The Ring of Adamant was Nenya.

But fair Lothlórien faded fast
When, at last, Sauron's One Ring was cast
Into the Cracks of Orodruin
At the victorious Age's End.
So Galadriel left Lórien
Through taking the Path That Does Not Bend.

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