Pain, Yes, But I Am Strong

My father is dead, dead from war
My mother is dead, dead from grief
My brothers are dead, dead from battle
But I will live.

Pain is my burden
Burdens would make normal people fall
But I am strong
My burden is heavy, but I still carry it
My pain has peirced the heart
But I am not yet dead

Death is my pain, but it is also my strength
Only I know of death like this
Death I have lived
Death I have walked
Death I have inflicted upon my foes
Death I have seen

Death is pain, and pain is my burden
Who dares try to kill me?!
I am a woman, grieving from loss
But I am strong, and will live on.


I know, very strange, and I had to think twice before putting it on, but mayb you'll understand what I'm trying to say.

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