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This is a poem discribing the thaughts of the fellowship. It is in order like this: Frodo, Frodo, Aragorn, Gimli, Sam

Even though I walk the land, so close that I have come,
the land it calls my name. It hauts me.
In the darkness...in the bitterness,
although light dos shine time in,
the pain shall never end.
It haunts me.

As I walked the barrow downs, I glanced about,
with my friends proud. I managed to smile,
unlike my heart. My dishonesty, my dispare.
It haunts me.

Two are lost through my grasp,
I never thought I would see loss,
but the thought, I let it fail.
It haunts me.

I am an underdog this day,
with all those who dared to stay.
They say, they are my friends.
But can I believe it on this day?
I am given Bitter Dismay.
It haunts me.

I urge him closer,
through the flame.
the land was howling at it's bane.
none were there, exept our leader.
by greatest target, and my fear.
It haunts me.

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