Of white dancing fairies - Silvermisty dreams

"As the sun and the rainstorm
Once gathered as one
A rainbow of beauty
Shone over the stones.

Those stones are the homes
Of the fairies of tales
And if you speak the right words
Our reality fails.

For when the force is set loose
Of white dancing fairies
The world will in joy
Praise all trees and berries.

And in joyous glory
As blossom delivered
Shall all be renew
That was once old and withered.

In song and in poem
Will all this be told
All shall praise this new earth
But remember the old.

For the old world was once
Just as same as the new
But destroyed by our mankind
`Tis remembered by few.

Though remembered it is
And remembered shall be
These white dancing fairies
And their songs from green tree."

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