Of Beren and Luthien - How the lovers met

A tale there is spoken of old
Of a man who wandered from mountains cold
Beren was he
And he happened to see
Beneath the forest moon,
Luthien, an elven maid,
Dancing in the moonlit glade
To an unsung and unheard tune

Very fair
With stars in her hair
This immortal woman did seem
In love with Tinuviel
This Beren soon fell
When he thought he had strayed into a dream

The story does say
That Luthien ran away
Yet Beren stayed close behind
Toward her he came
And he called out her elvish name
"Tinuviel! To my love you bind!"

She turned around
And was surprised when she found
A handsome man standing there
Her doom was then set
Once she had met
The man whose love she would bear

So the story does tell
Of the meeting of Beren and Tinuviel

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