Not Lost Forever

As the gentle breezes blow<br /> Across tear stricken faces<br /> Know that deep in our hearts<br /> And in all the sacred places<br /> <br /> She soars amongst the flowers<br /> The trees and moonlit hills<br /> And in the air a feeling<br /> Which captivates and thrills<br /> <br /> For in this end a beginning<br /> A time for starting new<br /> A time for souls to fly above<br /> When life on Earth is through<br /> <br /> She is not lost forever<br /> Only taken from our site<br /> It is us who choose not to see<br /> When death fills us with fright<br /> <br /> Know that when our time is through<br /> And the Earth we must depart<br /> She shall meet us at the door<br /> And our eternal life will start!<br /> <br /> And we shall wonder why we wept<br /> As she guides us towards the sun<br /> We&#8217;ll look back upon the Earth with joy<br /> For soon we shall be one!<br />
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