Nine Companions - Prequel - Promises to the Ring Bearer

Note -This is a prequel to a set of nine poems about the thoughts of the members of the Fellowship at different parts of the trilogy. Number one in this set, Don't Leave me Behind, has already been submitted.

Nine walkers to match the nine riders,
One hobbit to destroy the one,
A Fellowship to protect the ring bearer,
Nine companions to bring back the sun,

Listen as they speak their vows,
And bravely take their place,
Beside the hobbit who bears the burden,
But does not know the way,

"I will help you bear this burden,
It will be my greatest task,
To lift you up and guide you,
As long as this journey lasts,"

"I know what you are thinking,
In your eyes I can see your fear,
But you have my sword to protect you,
And my sleeve to dry your tears,"

"You have my bow to shoot your enemies,
And keep all evil far away,
You have the grace of the elves to surround you,
For at your side I will stay,

"I can see that you are too small,
To brave this journey alone,
You have my axe to protect you,
While in the wild we roam,"

"If this is the will of the council,
Then Gondor will see it done,
And who better to represent them,
Than Lord Denethor's own son?"

"I am afraid to face my dying day,
But I will face anything for you,
Even if you go to the ends of the earth,
You can be sure I'm coming too,"

"I am not very old nor able,
But you know I will do my best,
You have my smile to cheer your weary heart,
And my eyes to watch as you rest,"

"I don't care if I die tomorrow,
As long as I die protecting you,
Though the quest is long and perilous,
This Brandybuck will see it through,"

Such a beutiful story it will make,
Nine companions to destroy the one,
I can hear the minstrels singing now,
Nine Companions who brought back the sun.

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