Never to have been

His eyes are open
but he does not see
he cannot hear my silent plea
kept deep inside of me.
I long to tell him
to touch him
but my words are frozen
secret thoughts unspoken
my arms reaching out
to find pity and doubt.

He does not know
he's in my thoughts
enchanted scenes
of magically painted wishes
on a canvas of dreams.
Can I have my heart back
it you hath stole
with your gentle words
and soothing eyes
but here still alone
in the darkness I lie.

He does not feel
the same as I
our hearts do care
but it's not love we share.
To him there's is no spark
no loving touches in the dark
only my tattered heart
and scattered tears.
An illusion destined to fade
a wish my lonely heart made
of you and I
never to have been.

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