Never Alone - Frodo's thoughts, growing up with his friends, (Merry, Pippin, & Sam) and then knowing he has to leave them to destroy the ring.

A hobbit, young, am I
The Shire is my home,
I sing and laugh 'neath a wide blue sky,
Yet never am I alone

The glow of faithful friends
Has forever in the darkness shone
With life-long friends as good as these,
How can you stay alone?

We creep out with the falling dusk
To the paths of beauty fair
No-one here but us
And the Shire's refreshing air

We explore and discover
Together many things
When with one another
Our days fly by on silver wings

Still, a hobbit young am I,
The Shire, still my home,
But now there comes a time
When I must be alone

I creep out with the rising dawn
To the paths of beauty fair
And as the sun wakes up to yawn
I'm already there

Treading the secret forest paths
Where the four of us used to play
Spread out sprawling on the grass
To greet the coming day

As the sun wakes up to rise
And peeks through the window of it's mountain home
I finally seem to realize
I am never really alone

The thoughts that fill my mind
Though I''ve known them all my days
Are of a different kind
In so many different ways

I soon must leave the place
That has so long been my home
Memories erased
Of everything I've known

My home, my family
The friends that saw me through
Everything precious to me
Everything I've ever known or knew

As the sun shoots finally up into the sky,
I turn my face towards home,
A young hobbit, still am I
Never to be alone

My friends though miles away
I smile sadly as I start
I can think of them every day
And be with them in my heart

Still a hobbit, young, am I
The Shire is still my home,
I still sing and laugh 'neath a wide blue sky,
Andnever am I alone

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