Near the Day - From Aragorn to Arwen, shortly before their marraige

Near the day, my trembling soul
It quakes in mortal fear
Until I may, without paroll
immortal be bound here

Immortal bound here, star of night
Oh! love that fills my view
So fond of these tears, happy fright
Since the moment I found you

I see the wound, the endless pain
Rains down from sky on me
Now carved and runed, the bloodless stain
my sword forever shall be

Be swift, my love, to say good-bye
I will not always live
But till, my dove, I living die
My heart to you I give

And days shall pass, and weeks are spent
And all these pointless years have meant
What evening cries, and night laments
Be strong in me, my love
Be strong when I turn above

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