Nazgul - a poem to the dark ones

The Nazgul

Echoes of a kingdom great
Now the world has seen your fate
A band of nine, shadows deep
Your fearful cries take my joy to keep

You never lived, yet never died
Mounted on black steeds, you ride
Spreading fear, draining life
Cutting into me like a knife

Your flaming eyes cannot see
But hiding is no use to me
You sense all, a dark patrol
Feeling, grasping, for my soul

Reaping nightmares, harvesting discord
Morgul spells, flashing sword
Bitter thoughts, disturbing agility
Shrouded forms of utter hostility

I feel your presence before you arrive
Haunting demons, no longer alive
Wraiths of the dark, embodiment of fear
Leave me be, do not come near.

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