Narn Min Cor: Tale of the One Ring

<p>In the Black Speech of Mordor, it read&hellip;.<br /> <br /> Ash nazg durbatuluk, ash nazg gimbatul,<br /> Ash nazg thrakatuluk, agh burzum-ishi krimpatul...<br /> <br /> The One was lost, the Three were hidden,<br /> The Seven devoured, the Nine forbidden,<br /> Orodruin was quiet; its fire was dead,<br /> A legend, a myth, a story for bed,<br /> An age then passed, and the Shadow returned,<br /> Mount Doom awoke, its flame again burned,<br /> In Anduin the Great, the One was found,<br /> Ere it was taken, beneath the ground,<br /> It was found by Gollum, whose mind was broken,<br /> The One was corrupt, to Smeagol it had spoken,<br /> In the dark of the cave, it slipped from his finger,<br /> And was found by a Hobbit, who did not linger,<br /> To the Shire it went, in Bilbo's innocent hand,<br /> Treasure it he did, his precious golden band,<br /> To Frodo it passed, Bilbo's young heir,<br /> Puzzled he was, but handled it with care,<br /> Gandalf recognised it, the One Ring of Power,<br /> A visit he paid, to Orthancs stone tower,<br /> In Bree the Hobbits, met Strider the Ranger,<br /> They trekked to Weathertop, and they encountered great danger,<br /> In the fortress of Isengard, Gandalf was captive,<br /> Saruman betrayed him, but the eagles were active,<br /> Gwaihir rescued him, in his claws like a mouse,<br /> And bore him to Rivendell, the Last Homely House,<br /> Upon Amon Sul, a battle was fought,<br /> The Black Riders failed to recover the talisman they sought,<br /> To Imladris the Hobbits went, and a Council was held,<br /> A Fellowship was formed, after the Nazgul were felled,<br /> They were forced to pass, under the Misty Mountains cold,<br /> In the Mines of Moria, they found the caverns were old,<br /> In the deep of the dark, where lay Balin's tomb,<br /> They found a terror, a demon of doom,<br /> Gandalf fell, into a chasm of blackness,<br /> He battled with the Balrog, in the depths and the dampness,<br /> From the deeps to the heights, they wrestled through spring,<br /> Upon Zirak-Zigil, the Lord of Moria fell to Glamdring,<br /> Through Lorien they travelled, where dwells Galadriel of Light,<br /> She sheltered them awhile, from the burden of their plight,<br /> Celeborn counselled, they continue upstream,<br /> Through the Argonath they passed, where failed the hope of their dream,<br /> Upon Amon Hen, the Fellowship was broken,<br /> The Uruk-hai assailed them, and Frodo left unspoken,<br /> Boromir was slain, the mighty Prince of Gondor,<br /> Pierced by many arrows, of the black bow of Mordor,<br /> Discovered in Fangorn, by the Hobbits that were bold,<br /> That the White Wizard walked, but it was Gandalf of old,<br /> Frodo unearthed, that they were followed by Gollum,<br /> They used him as their guide, his promise was solemn,<br /> The Last Alliance was renewed; the Battle of Helms Deep was fought,<br /> Saruman's army was defeated; his evil designs came to naught,<br /> Smeagol led Frodo, into the Marshes of the Dead,<br /> Where Gollum was subdued, but Sam kept his head,<br /> To Minas Tirith Mithrandir sped, mounted on Shadowfax the Great,<br /> For in the Palantir Pippin saw, the dread that lay in wait,<br /> Gondor called for aid and the beacons were lit,<br /> Rohan answered and they mustered their grit,<br /> Faramir rode in desperation to regain Osgiliath,<br /> The orcs lay in wait, with Gothmog the behemoth,<br /> Upon the Hidden Stair, the Hobbits struggled,<br /> Gollum's malice was growing; Frodo's mind was muddled,<br /> A fatal arrow pierced the last Prince of the Realm,<br /> He was dragged back to the gates, cloven was his helm,<br /> Narsil was remade, reforged into the Flame of the West<br /> Aragorn accepted it, he knew alone it was his quest,<br /> The King of the Dead, was summoned in Dunharrow,<br /> Aragorn pleaded with him, but his heart was hollow,<br /> The deadmen desired, nothing but freedom,<br /> The Dead King accepted, that Aragorn would lead them,<br /> The Battle of Pellenor, went ill for the Mark,<br /> The Witch-King was slain by Eowyn, whose mind was now in the Dark,<br /> The Army of the Dead, plunged into the fray,<br /> They devoured the black hordes, and left none alive that day,<br /> In the Palantir Aragorn challenged, Sauron the Deceiver,<br /> To the right of Middle-earth, and to free the lands from his demeanour,<br /> They marched at last, to the Gates of the Black Land,<br /> To draw out the Legions, of Sauron's dark hand,<br /> The Last Battle had begun, Aragorn fought like a King of old,<br /> Frodo reached the Cracks of Doom, upon him the Ring had lost it's hold,<br /> Barad-dur collapsed, upon the Rings demise,<br /> It's foundations now destroyed, and guarded by the Wise,<br /> Elessar was crowned, the Elves past away West,<br /> Frodo returned home, with Sam and the rest,<br /> After a while, came Gandalf the Grey,<br /> And bore Frodo away, to a place which none now say,<br /> He sailed to the Undying Lands, the Realm of Valinor,<br /> Frodo was at peace, and he was missed forever more,<br /> The One was destroyed, the Three left unbidden,<br /> The Seven unknown and the Nine unforgiven.<br /> <br /> One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,<br /> One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them...<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> Inspired by The Lord of the Rings by J R R Tolkien<br /> <br /> By Jonathan Ryan<br /></p>
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