Namarie, My Prince - The Lament of One of the Dark Forest's Guards

I'm wounded
An orc's arrow has struck me
I thrust my sword into the orc's dirty, dark body
As he screeches in pain, my world goes pitch black

A moment later, I see the flaming eye of the Enemy
The searing heat burns my flesh
It speaks to me and says what I fear most:
"The prince of Mirkwood has perished."
"The words you speak are lies! It is your native tongue and it is the only language you speak!"
I drew my sword then pierced the flaming terror before me
But my blade turned to a searing liquid.
"Give up, pitiful one
You have no place at the prince's side or in his heart."
His laugh brought me to my knees, for his power was too strong
He laughed as I wept in sorrow for my prince, for he could have perished as I stood before this flaming monster
And I was his servant...

A sweet scent clears the image
My eyes open to see the face of Strider
His gray-blue eyes filled with relief
But something tore at my heart
"Where is he,
My lord and Prince of Mirkwood?"
"Be calm, valiant archer.
Rest yourself so that you can travel back to your home."
"Not while my lord fights in battle," I reply
"I shall not leave until he does."
The ranger sighed and left the room
Then a plan came together in my head...

The lights went out
It was late at night
The time had come for my plan to take place.
I escaped through the window
And ran from the House of Healing.
I didn't belong there
I belonged at my master's side.
I caught sight of his dwelling
In the halls of Minas Tirith
I reached where he stayed
But the pain in my wound brought me to my knees in his doorway
The last sight I saw before the darkness came was my lord rushing toward the door...

This time I saw myself in Lothlorien
Crowned with a wreath of elanour and niphredil.
All was at peace
Then the forest burst into flame
Elves ran from the blaze
Screaming and yelling
Amongst the blaze came the Eye
It spoke to me one last time
"Gondor shall fail
The Rohrirrim shall perish
And I shall rule all of Middle-earth!"
I cried out to him
"You are lying!
The king has returned to claim Gondor's empty throne
And you shall be destroyed by the smallest f all who thrive in the West!"

The heat of his wrath was relieved by a cloth of ice.
My master had heard my fall
And I was tended to
My prince, a valiant warrior skilled with the deadliest weapon's had a weakness for others in need
Our eyes met
And a flame sparked
Ever since that day
I've never looked at him the same
As him with me

Sauron had long since been destroyed
The Gondorian king had passed away
My love and prince sailed up the Anduin
Then to the Sea
He reached the shores of Valinor
I can never reach him
There were no more ships in Cirdan's bay
I'm left in a world of Men with two other Elves left behind
Neither of which is my prince I must say one last thing to my love before my death
Namarie, my prince;
Mellon le.

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