Namárië, Valimar!

[i]A/N: mae govennin! [/i]I haven't posted anything here for a very long time. But I do hope you enjoy this simple musing poem of mine. The Elf can be any you wish to think of her as. <br /> <br /> UTM,<br /> Tethcelebel<br /> <br /><em>Namárië, Valimar! </em><br /> <br /> She walks silently through the glade,<br /> Her barefeet seemingly to float above the ground.<br /> Her long hair drifts in the soft breeze<br /> While her dress flows about her.<br /> Her hands gently&#8212;lovingly&#8212;touch the flowers,<br /> Seeming to caress the trees.<br /> <br /> She stops at a small white flower<br /> Struggling to raise its bloom.<br /> Her eyes fill with a sadness,<br /> An unspeakable sadness,<br /> Telling of ages long ago. <br /> And suddenly, her young age <br /> Is replaced with a timelessness.<br /> <br /> She reaches out a hand,<br /> Whispers a few soft words<br /> And straightens. <br /> She looks up,<br /> And one can see the <em>haunting</em><br /> In her pale-blue eyes, <br /> A<em> longing</em> for something<br /> She will never reach.<br /> <br /> She leans upon the trunk<br /> Of a startlingly beautiful tree.<br /> Tears flow down her cheeks,<br /> Unbidden but unchecked. <br /> <br /> She looks about the glade,<br /> And one fancies she sees<br /> More than just flowers and trees. <br /> <br /> <br /> Softly she whispers,<br /><em>&#8220;Ai, Valimar,<br /> í vanwa ná, Rómello vanwa, Valimar!<br /> Nai elyë hiruva. <br /> Namárië!&#8221;</em><br /> <br /> A swift glance, a soft word<br /> Are all the notice one has<br /> Before she slips into the shadows, <br /> Seeming to melt away. <br /> ,<br /><em>Translation: Ah, Valimar, now lost, lost to those from the East is Valamar! Maybe even thou shalt find it, farewell!</em><br />
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