Mysteries - Musings on the Doom of Men and related questions.

Under the willow
A soft wind blows,
Playing her chimes
On the whispering boughs.
Whither she comes
And whither she goes,
Naught but the Spirit
Of Iluvatar knows.

On the bank of a river
A broken heart weeps,
Bursting with all the love
Such a tender heart keeps.
Why the tears flow
And where the grief seeps,
Within His bosom
Eru Himself keeps.

From the heart of men
The freed soul flies
When the anchor of earth
Finally dies.
Where in the Halls
Of Mandos it rises
Is closely guarded
By the plans of the Wise.

In life, in love, in death,
Lie mysteries
To which even Manwe
Has not the keys.
Only the One discerns
For it is He who so decrees
So that peace and hope are
Found only on bended knees.

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