My Spirit's Key - This is a love poem, not very LOTR related.

When Night's dance ends,
And fall away the emeralds and blue,
what would it matter to me,
as long as i love you?

And when the sun falls away,
in a sky of the torquise moon,
which releases a rain of tears,
Why would i care,
as long as thy caressing whispers,
fall upon my ears?

And if the light gave away,
and left we were in darkness,
that drowns like the cold, cruel sea,
What would i care,
as long as thee held me forever near?

And if the world disapeared,
the beauty forever lost,
nothing remained,
but tears ever the cost,
I would care not,
for forever i shall know
you love me,
and forever it shall be.

And when all falls away,
nothing shall harm I or thee,
for yoru love is my spirit's key.

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