My Plea to Elrohir - by Elrohir's lover

To others, he is strong, stalwart and proud.
to others,all emotions are blocked by a serious cloud,
but not to me.
To me he is gentle and kind,
finishing my sentences as though he is reading my mind.
Elrohir!My friend!
Though knowhe is changed,
scince the orcs caused celebrian pain,
and she left.
If only I could help him!
him and his brother Elladan!
But alas,I cannot.
He is still gentle and kind,
but a great sorrow is apon his mind.
O Elrohir!!I am losing you!!
Will you cease you orc-hunt?
Will you go with me out of the brunt,
of this evil filled world?
If you do not go, I stay.
Please love,steal away ,
to the undying lands.
But if you do not go,I shall stay!
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