My pain - Of eowyn

*im really sorry bout the typing but i heart my arm in a battle reenactment at da weekend and crnt move it now!!!!! so im really sorry bout typeing / spelling mistakes

what pain could take me now
for my heart hath fallen from my dreams
and nothing is of purpose in my world.
and they do not know, nor do understand
what imprisons me, in rohans free land.

what mortal fate could not ease me,
as to grant me my death,
for forth shall i ride in the morn,
and the sword in my hand shall sing as i die,
as i lay on the field, under a dragon fire sky.

what grief shall ever leave me,
and for me who shall mourn? and what hope do i have,
for i am in this cage, this cage of my pain,
so i forth ride away to war ere the sun dot rise,
and my life death from mortal lands shall prise.

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