My pain, my peace. - There are only two ways that elves can die: one, is in battle- and the other? A broken heart...

Though my heart is empty
Full's the sky
The stars alone
Watch me cry

Tears of sorrow
Tears of pain
Tears of heartache
Come again

Tears of memory:
Of light; of day;
Tears of winter
Come to stay

The moon shines steady
I lift my face
The peace surrounds me
Of that place

The light breeze sweeps
My tears to past
Swaying tree
And bending grass

Nothing more I desire
Than for peace to stay
And there is one way

My shining eyes
Mirror the stars
My mind on distant
Lands afar

I stand and gaze
Upon the moon
I never thought
I'd leave so soon

I've walked this land
Just ten lives of men
Now ne'er to see
My love again

I kneel and rest
Upon the grass
My thoughts return
To bright days past

My heart is clove
In two, I know,
It is now the time
For me to go

My shining face
Reflects the skies
Then dimmed, as soft,
I close my eyes

My heart ascends
On silver wings
Set free
My joyful spirit sings

As I rise to halls
Of shining white
My body lies
Below, in night

Yet the wind still whispers
Through the grass
Remembering me
And tears now past.

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