My Heart is true - A poem of Arwen

In Imladris many years ago,
Beneath the birches we met.
Tinuviel you called me, and as
Tinuviel I came.
The Sun was sinking in the west,
The green was dimming to grey.
then we met, and in that time,
I saw the light in your eyes.

In Lorien we met again,
Beneath the leaves of gold.
Clad in elven grey you came,
With flowers in your hands.
In Lorien we plighted our troth,
Beneath the leaves of gold,
In Lorien our hearts were glad,
And we rejoiced in song.

Through the years I have waited,
Waiting for your return.
Waiting for the day
Of our joining.
Lonely are the years,
And lonely is my life.
I wait throughout the years
And my heart is true

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