Mr. Frodo! - Sam thinking to himself about what he should say to Frodo.

Mr. Frodo,
I know you feel so low.
But don't give up hope,
There's always a way to cope.

The ring is taking over your mind,
I miss the way you used to be so kind.
But you still hold strong,
I know the road is still long.

Mr. Frodo, I see you try,
There's no reason to cry.
You're trying to fight it back,
And you think that it's the strength you lack.

It cannot be helped you see,
Just don't leave me.
I'll follow you to whatever end,
And I know that someday you will mend.

We're going to make it,
Even though the path is not brightly lit.
There's always hope in my heart,
It's about time that you too start.

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