Mount Doom

Frodo and Sam stumble wearily along
stifling choking heat
up the treacherous mountain and beyond.

It's lava burns flesh
like hate burns the heart
drowning in the fires torn all apart.

Gollum is beckoned by the ring
to him it means everything
his name, former life, a faraway dream.

As time passes the ring weighs Frodo down
dark, heavy, burdensom
without even making a sound.

The road ahead is daunting
the obstacles many
foreboding, scary, haunting.

All Sam can do is offer his hand
support, friendship, love
all that he can.

And then it comes time to cast in the ring
to melt into the fiery embers
never again to be seen.

Eruption of lava cast all around
it's blazing insides cover the ground
two hobbits trapped thankfully found.

It is done the ring is home
the dark lord defeated
goodness triumphantly won.

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