Mortality - Ar-Pharazôn to his People on the Eve of Doom

Mortality: Ar-Pharazôn to his People on the Eve of Doom

How brief is life!
How short a time we have to be!
And yet we know,
The elder race boasts immortality.

A ‘gift’ they say.
For men alone - a fate apart.
A ‘curse’ say I!
A thieving specter with a frozen heart.

We live, we die,
And death steals wisdom, grace and wit.
The Valar smile.
They lift no finger to contend with it.

It is a plot!
They find it good that we be meek.
I know now why!
I say they fear us - so they keep us weak.

O Númenór!
Your people, ever proud and strong!
Your glory roars!
How should you suffer such a grievous wrong?

Do we stand by,
While men must die yet gods will live;
When it is sure,
Eternal life is in their power to give?

We have the might!
A thousand ships in black and gold!
They fill the seas-
A vast armada that no ‘ban’ can hold!

Come, let’s to War!
We’ll sail into the setting sun!
We’ll take Aman,
And live the life of Gods when we have won!

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