Moria Taker of These - After Gandalf's Fall

Our Pilgrim, our ever wanderer. Our Gandalf the Grey...
"Mellon" we say to thee gates of Moria.
"Death" is what we find in thee.
No, No silver halls and golden ceilings.
No beauty, No more, and ever more.
Dank and Dreary is all we see.
So many souls lost to thee dear Moria,
place of Mellon.
Dear Durin king of old,
was lost to thee Moria, your founder,
your lord, your king.
Great Balin, son of Fundin, friend of
Bilbo, cousin to Gimli.
Traveler extrordinaire, we lose thee
to Dimrill Dale by orcs whom would see
the destruction of dwarves.
And last our leader Gandalf the Grey,
The Pilgrim, The ever wanderer,
he walked with Hobbits, and Dwarves.
He laughed with Elves and Men.
His wisdom was unknowable,
His heart was ever showable, our leader,
our pilgrim, our ever wanderer,
lost to thee dreadful Moria
and your bridge of Kazad-dum,
But in our hearts he'll stay,
You'll never take that away,
Our Gandalf the Grey.
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