More than Death - Just before the last ship sails from the Grey Havens

Your love is in my heart,
Your dream is in my mind,
But I love you without part
To this thing which I must find
Your grace is in my eye,
Your yearning, helpless sigh
Is a thing meant just for I,
And yet I see you pale, why?

He will not return
There is nothing for you here
Why do you be so stern?
There is nothing for you here,
Only Death

Your life was in my hands
When your mother passed into the white lands
And though he now still stands
It will not be long before he makes commands
That will endanger the human race
And will end in nothing but a vanished trace
Of a people whose two-footed pace
Was seen beyond the earth's limit lace

Nothing now is certain
But there is nothing for you here
Though you refuse to move the curtain
There is nothing for you here,
Only Death

Your thoughts are in my mind,
Your wish is in my sight,
But I love him with a kind,
And gently lifting might
My grace is in your eye,
My yearning, helpless sigh,
It's something more than wry
And so I am so pale, white.

He will soon be back,
For now my love lies here,
He'll return from the black
To my love still lying here.
More than Death

My life was in your hands,
When mother passed into Valinor,
But now I know he stands,
Wreaking vengeance without record.
So now do I love him,
But not in place of only you,
It's something so less dim,
Than all this hope that comes from you

Some things here are certain
There is still hope left here,
I will upraise the curtain,
Of my love for him so dear,
And More than Death.

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