Moonlight - Arwen's thoughts

It is a clear night, and the moon is up
Full, glowing, ripe; a gentle shimmering orb
Untouchable, unreachable, mysterious
Wrapped in an aura of enchantment
The stars twinkling like a million diamonds in the night sky
Whispering their promises

Yet all those things: the beauty of the night
The wind's soft touch on my cheek
The trees swaying to the gentle breeze
They hold no meaning for me
No enchantment, no hope, no sense of joy
It is just another lonely night

I walk among the dew-wet grass
Alone; dreaming with far-away eyes
Of things that can never be
I feel the moonlight's soft touch on me
And the moon, in its hauntingly beautiful perfection
Follows me in my solitude

As I walk, the night's magic fills me
The moon beckons to me; a calm, guiding force
Taking me away from this world of loneliness and despair
I leave this world gladly, towards a new world
The path ahead leads straight to it
And I go eagerly to the centre of that glowing, shining orb
I know that I am finally free
For now, I am where I have always longed to be

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