Missing Frodo - Sappy poetry from Sam's POV.

"Missing Frodo"
by Corbin Halloway
writing as Sam Gamgee

When stars burn like Galadriel's phial
And light the sky with twinkling white,
When moonlight beams a silver smile,
I miss you in the lovely night.

When laughter greets the falling snow
And all the world is sculpted ice,
When I have secrets you should know,
I miss our private paradise.

When sunrise peeks up from the East
And dawn paints morning salmon-red,
When dewfall is a garden's feast,
I miss the lives we both once led.

When blossoms in my garden wake
And hail the coming of the spring,
When winter's frozen fingers break,
I miss the songs you used to sing.

When yellow beams stray from the sun
And clouds flame up to scorch the sky,
When bright hair-ribbons come undone,
I miss the fire in your eye.

When summer buzzes in the heat
And birdsong is my serenade,
When slows the tread of lazy feet,
I miss the childhood games we played.

When twilight turns these hills to gold
And sunset is a promise kept,
When all my secrets have been told,
I miss your breathing as you slept.

But when rain drowns the Shire with tears
And leaves turn colour with the fall,
When comes another change of years,
That's when I miss you most of all.


(c) 2001 Corbin F. Halloway

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