Menelmir's Tale

Upon a rock there sat an elf<br />Who's name was Menelmir,<br />And there he'd sit and tell his tale<br />To anyone who'd hear.<br /><br />A man, one Thogremund by name,<br />was passing the old elf,<br />And his air of forlorn grace <br />Reminded him of himself.<br /><br />And so Thogremund listened<br />As Menelmir wove his tale,<br />by the road outside the village<br />as the light began to fail.<br /><br />&quot;My tale is one,&quot; Menelmir said,<br />&quot;Of misery and plight,<br />And a horrifying creature,<br />And a most galliant fight.<br /><br />Many many years ago<br />In the town of Fae,<br />I built myself a boat<br />To sail out of the bay.<br /><br />I landed on a shore which bore<br />The worlds strangest fruit,<br />And the people who lived there <br />Appeared to follow suit.<br /><br />And there I met another elf,<br />And shipwrecked she had been;<br />On this shore her boat had crashed,<br />Far from her elven kin.<br /><br />And in her eyes I lost myself,<br />And she herself in mine,<br />And for awhile we were merry<br />And everything was fine.<br /><br />But then one day a kraken stole<br />Her for to be his wife,<br />And I then fought that aweful beast<br />Through my undieing life.<br /><br />Until at last I killed the beast,<br />The demon of the sea,<br />But since i never found my love<br />I no rest will see.&quot;<br /><br />Menelmir looked up, and <br />Thorgremund saw there<br />Was an expresion on the elven face <br />That was purely sad, yet fare.<br /><br />For so end so many stories, <br />In a way that dosent fit,<br />Yet that does not mean<br />That no good can come of it.<br /><br />For years later Menelmir was killed<br />By a molten iron blast,<br />And in the Halls of Mandos<br />The old elf found his love at last.
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