All of middle earth fell still,<br /> As he walked the shores,<br /> To the great gray ships that had,<br /> Sailed from valinor.<br /> <br /> They all had come to see him off,<br /> He and his blushing bride,<br /> But their pace was slow and grim,<br /> And lengthened every stride.<br /> <br /> This beautiful world,<br /> Would be so dim,<br /> After he was <br /> To leave with them.<br /> <br /> The elves, and hobbits,<br /> The men of old,<br /> The dwarves in caverns <br /> Deep and cold,<br /> <br /> They all had come <br /> To bid farewell,<br /> Even the Great Eagle&#8217;s<br /> Tears fell.<br /> <br /> And mixed upon <br /> The salty shores,<br /> With those whose tears,<br /> Could not reach Valinor. <br /> <br /> He was a friend,<br /> A poet a writer,<br /> And now, without his song,<br /> The world would seem much quieter.<br /> <br />
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