Marshes of the Dead - The Dead Marshes

Lights dance in the darkness
Leading us to the dead
Faces of the deceased
Peer up from their murky bed

Map of sorrowful lines
Lap upon tehir face
Asking for forgiveness
To leave this horrid place

Cobwebs and gimy filth
Cover the moss ridden ground
Where swords and broken bones
Can easily be found

Your senses come aware
Of the horrid stench
That can make mere mortals
Gag, choke and wretch

A voice sounds on the wind
"Leave before it's too late."
But time isn't on anyone's side
No one now can change yoru fate

A silvery hand of the dead reached out
As if it was someone you once knew
Only untill its hollow, empty orbs meet yours
You relize your looking into you. might not relize your dead untill you see it face to face..

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