Mahogany Leaves and Calm Waters

Her resolution was once strong<br /> Dreams guarded against reality<br /> And when she fades<br /> An empty forest remains<br /> <br /> A mahogany leaf floats from an old mallorn<br /> On top of the calm waters of a pond<br /> With a whisper so soft to hear<br /> But with an impact directly heartrending<br /> <br /> Despite the coming autumn of the North<br /> She still holds strong in persistence<br /> Her faint melody that once made the forest thrive...<br /> The voice that always cherished her children<br /> <br /> Within those who dwell there<br /> Is a shard of the forest's life<br /> Guided by an Elf Queen so fair<br /> Who departed her lands to seek peace from strife<br /> <br /> As the night grows she remembers her loves<br /> Falling to slumber's whims as she finally slept<br /> Letting go of the painful lies...<br /> Permitting autumn to linger
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