Maeglin's Sonnets - Maeglin writes sonnets to Idril in Gondolin.

Author's note:
Within the following four sonnets, I tried to portray the feelings that Maeglin undergoes and how he views Idril after his arrival in Gondolin. The sonnets begin with his first being enchanted by the golden light of Idril, and ends with his dark thoughts while being tormented by Morgoth.

Please feel free to proffer any reviews or suggestions for me. I really would like some feedback.

Also, I know some of this is grammatically incorrect (apostrophe-wise) but I had to leave out all apostrophes because it formats it wrong when it goes through.

Maeglins Sonnets:

I. Light

I used to long for light of moon and sun
When in Nan Elmoths dark and lonesome bowr.
At last my fathers smithy I did shun,
And list to mothers tales of Golden flowr.
Escaped at last from dark abode of night
I made my home in Gondolin the fair.
Bereft of parents, lonely, yet new light
Streamed in me when I saw thee sitting there.

O Idril! Eyes like misty drops of dew
And golden hair like strands of sunlight streams,
My soul is lost when thou art in my view
And sleep or wake thou hauntest me in dreams.

One glance from thee doth still my beating heart.
When thou art mine then never shall we part.

II. Hope

O Idril! Wilt thou not once look to me?
Thou seest how in torment my heart writhes.
I shrink from scoffing glances that I see,
And the cold looks of stone from thy bright eyes.

Avoidest thou my presence, though I long
For thee to see alone, if thou dost wish.
But me thou heedest not, and hold me wrong
If thy soft tender lips I wish to kiss.

Thou givest all the kindness and the good
To Gondolin, the people of the flowr,
Though I could not once touch thee if I would;
Of my time here I curse each bitter hour.

Rejection of my love doth plant a seed.
Beware lest it in turn thou dost not heed.

III. Darkness

I gnaw the binding of mine own dark hate
Immured in my lugubrious hearts cell.
Nothing but blood can mine own vengeance sate,
Or else will plunge my soul deep into hell.

How dost the base-born mortal, Tuor, dare
To touch thee, silver maiden, with his hand?
The argent bridal gown thy lithe form wears.
How much more torment can my soul yet stand?

My torment greater is than thou canst know,
Within the love of thy own fathers house.
To Tuor deepest scorn I will not show:
But burn inside for hate of mortal louse.

I gnaw the bindings of mine own deep hate.
Beware lest thou partake of my dark fate.

IV. Death

Pain. Pain, and anger, torment for my soul,
My heart strings raked in never-ending pain,
Im cloven into two, I am not whole,
And in this dark I think Ive gone insane.
Limbs wrung and twisted, broken, cut and stretched;
My body just as spirit feels inside.
In squalid filth how many times Ive retched,
And wished that Morgoth would just let me die.

But for thee, my Idril, Id do aught,
And then my torment Morgoth would relieve;
Thou understand why this dark fate Ive sought:
That thoult be mine at last I still believe.

O Gondolin! The Golden-budded Flower!
Thou at last hath seen thy final hour.

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