Love endures time - A poem about the undying love of Aragorn and Arwen

One loves one time
From thy true heart
Once their souls meet
They shall never part
When they seek
What they find
They cast away their tears so that
Their love endures to the end of time
Sorrow and grief
May come to pass
But still deep inside their souls
Their love has a much greater mass
They hang on to each other
Through times thick and thin
And do many a thing
Which could be called a sin
So in their troubled world
Filled with grief and strife
Love prevails
And death takes both his and hers life
Their love survives though they do not
They were not meant to be
They defied the world
And forced all to see
Their love was true
Courage lived in their hearts
It seemed they failed
But now, they shall not part
There they rest
Fraught with time
An age-old story
Which stirs the heart and mind
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