Lords of the Rings:Three For the Elven Lords POEM - My own lotr book

Three for the Elven Lords
underneath the sky
Nine for the Mortal men
doomed to die
Seven for the dwarf Lords
in their halls of stone
One for the dark Lord
sat upon his throne
In the land of Mordor
where the shadows lie
One ring to rule them all
one ring to find them
one ring to bring them all
and in the darkness bind them
In the land of Mordor
where the shadows lie
If the powers incomplete
If the one ring you destroy
never stop and dwell in peace
for there's no call for joy
All the races may not rest
'till all rings are in their hold
For the power will return
to the elven Lords of old
Three rings to rule them all
Three rings of power
Three rings to be destroyed in the darkest hour.
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