Lone Warrior - - A poem about the ones you love turning their backs to you...More morbid writing from Moi -

The darkness was near unbearable
There was no one else I knew
An attack that simply wouldn't relent
What else was I to do?

I could have given to such torment
And let the enemy have their way
I could've fought 'til I drew my last breath
Fought for the dawn of a clear new day

Yet in these shadows I was hidden
Without voice, my protests unheard
No one seemed to care at all
I thought it was absurd

But now I know why they left me
To wallow in my grief
They thought that I was crazy
They couldn't grasp my own beliefs

So I took up my silver sword
And broke free of my cage
My enemies fell about me
The new victims of my rage

And for once I felt invincible
Such as I had never known before
I posessed what I had wanted
It seemed I needed nothing more

And in the light of the clear full moon
I fought upon the grounds
Then for a moment I saw nothing
My ears blocked out all sounds

I sank to the crimson floor
I hadn't a clue where I had come
But I was content, at least with my end
The battle, in my mind, had been won

And as I fell towards the battle-field
There was a smile upon my face
I would never have the world's love
But I had found my state of grace

I knew my tale was meaningless
To every soul, save perhaps a few
But I say to those who've lost all hope
No one can dig your grave, but you...

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