Lone Stranger

It thunders, roars, quakes the solid land. <br /> People run in fear and hope that they can escape it's wrath.<br /> Most have homes under ground in hopes of being able to keep their lives<br /> But he knows that no one is safe no matter where they are.<br /> He walks in the storms, tall, dark, and strong.<br /> A cloak as his only protection he climbs to the tallest mountain.<br /> <br /> There he stands, one lone figure among the storm.<br /> And what does he do?<br /> He spreads his arms and raises his head to the swirling sky.<br /> He talks to the heavens when they are weak crying,<br /> &quot;I've walked this earth for it's treasured depth and have found <br /> That every thing on it is treasured and sacred. Even with this knowledge<br /> I am alone, no woman has captured my spirit.<br /> Why be so cruel to a heart such as mine?&quot;<br /> <br /> With this he falls to his knees as lightening strikes the ground near him,<br /> Yet he doesn't move or flinch.<br /> He sits there in the storm listening to it rage.<br /> From behind he hears a voice call out. It's a woman wrapped in her cloak.<br /> &quot;Do you want to catch your death?&quot; She yells pulling him up off his feet.<br /> <br /> He shakes his head and follows her to the town.<br /> There she buys him a warm drink and talks to him.<br /> He smiles at her the whole while, I've found my woman, he thought.
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