Light in the Dark - A Song of Hope

It's my decision
Now I'm on my own
I know it won't be easy,
Though I wish I were back home...

Be there sunshine
Or be there rain
I'll be sure that I go
There and back again.

So we must journey
Away across the land?
I'm not an expert at these things,
But I think I understand...

Of course I'm loyal
And of course I'm smart
So I'll just follow
The song that's in my heart.

I've seen the East lands
And I've seen the West
And I still believe the Shire
Has more beauty than the rest...

But if you ask me
I will go
Into the dark that
Even I don't wish to know.

I ain't no hero
But I keep my promises
I have never broken one
And I don't mean to.
I don't mean to...

I don't know much
But what I do know
Is through the thunder and the rain,
I will follow.
Till the end...

And if all hope
Is still in sight,
Then in the darkness we are sure
To find some light...

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