Life - A tale of despair and loneliness


Life is strange; it offers you so much
Yet, when you reach out to embrace it, everything disappears
And you are left behind; alone, forgotten
Once again, wondering why

Those glimpses of love, that life gives us
Those visions of hope and happiness
What are they really? Beautiful things…
Or forbidden dreams, forgotten beliefs?

My faith in love is sorely tested
My hope of a rainbow around the corner
My belief in my dreams… fading fast
I am left with nothing but bittersweet memories

Life is an uphill battle; and I am weary
Of fighting for a losing cause
I am so tired; I long for some distraction
For oblivion from the obvious; for ignorant bliss

I have had enough of this madness
Of the twists and turns, and hidden pitfalls
Of this endless path I walk upon, alone as always
Is there no release from this pain?

O where is the solace I seek?
Where are the answers I need?
Is there no mercy for the aching?
Have I become one of the forsaken?

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