Laugh When You Feel Pain - I challenge you: hobbits all, and Ringbearer especially

I falter and fall on my weary path;
It is stone, and my feet betray me.
As my eyes close and I cannot see,
Go ahead -- at my clumbsiness you may laugh,
But first I ask of you a boon:
Take my place, feel as I do:
The long torments life has dragged me through,
Fell my pain as fresh and new.
Then see if you will laugh so soon.
See -- through it all I go on,
My treacherous traveling not less than a fight
To test my reactions and might
Though I may never again see the light
And must dwell forever in my night
Of endless pain, with no comfort but song --
And yet I am still not lost!
Can you do so well?
Can you laugh and your own pain instead?
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