Last Farewell - One elf, about to depart from Middle Earth, is bitter....

I have seen the white sails flying
above the gleaming sea.
I have watched the Grey ships pass
and felt them call to me.

I have watched my friends depart:
On their last journey, leaving.
I will bid this land farewell,
for not an instant grieving.

This world is troubled by hatred;
anger, war, and sin.
I have felt their piercing lashes
biting at my skin.

I see the far, green country
emblazoned in my mind.
I long to rest within it
and leave this life behind.

I have died a thousand deaths,
and cried a thousand tears.
I have waited for this hour
throughout my dismal years.

I will answer my desire;
Glide over sparkling swells,
and to this wretched world
spit out my last 'farewell'.

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