Lament of Minas tirith

Alas! it seems the good must die<br /> they leave the living behind to cry<br /> the women weep<br /> while the dead ones sleep<br /> their sorrow fills the air with pain<br /> the body of the king lays crushed<br /> tossed aside there in the dust<br /> the fair one weeping at his breast<br /> for air no longer fills his chest<br /> her grief for her uncle is apparent <br /> <br /> the foe is gone<br /> now comes the dawn<br /> but what a costly price it is<br /> the city's beauty shall be missed<br /> the dark lord soon be vanquished Glory!<br /> ah but what a twisted story<br /> the dead ones must litter the trampled ground<br /> their weeping is the only sound<br /> <br /> <br />
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