Lament of Arwen - 1st Place Winner ~ Lyric Poetry ~ 16-19 years ~ Gathering of the Fellowship Writing Contest, 2003.

Night has come in winter
Come without a star
The moon is rising from the East
Where the shadows are
The Road leads into darkness
And some are called away
For those were born to wander far, and others doomed to stay

Who has seen the white gulls flying?
In the cold and starless night
Who has heard the West Wind crying?
Out of time and out of sight
For silent kings in silent hills
Their golden ages past
When they are not, though I am still
Of those that were, the last

Now all that were beforehand
Their canvasses unfurled
Have steered their charted course to reach
The circles of the world

And those that were to follow
Will join those that are gone
To leave a bleak and weary place
A lonely and a dreary place
For those who linger on

Who has seen the great king sleeping?
Deep beneath a hall of stone
Who has heard the North Wind weeping?
Weeping for her left alone
For barren hopes in barren lands
Their golden wages spent
For choices no one understands
Why neither will repent

Who has seen the River flowing?
Flowing out of memory
Who has heard the South Wind blowing?
Scouring the Sundering Sea
For silver ships and silver sails
That vanished long before
For starry paths and foamy trails
That lead to Valinor

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